Sunday, May 25, 2008

One week

Well, it's Memorial Day weekend, and I just had my going away party at my dad and stepmom's camp in Belgrade. It was great to see my family that could make it out to say goodbye. With a week left to go before I embark on my Samoan adventure, I'd have to say I'm doing pretty well with the anxiety and anticipation of it all. At this point I'm ready to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, but perhaps not likely, I'll be able to maintain my excitement without the fear. Wish me luck once again!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Gearing up for Samoa

Hello all, 

Well I am currently working at Conundrum in the kitchen, which is fantastic as usual and waiting anxiously to leave for Samoa.

My hope is that I'll be able to use this blog to keep in better touch with everyone at home, as this has never been my strong suit.  I'm just setting it up now so I can remember the whole process.

I am leaving June 2nd for my orientation in Los Angeles, and then on June 4th traveling to Samoa to begin my training to become a Samoan Peace Corps volunteer.  I'll be working at the Vaisuli Secondary School teaching marine biology and ecoliteracy.  I'll be living on Upolu Island in the Aleipata district.   The whole area is part of a Marine Protected Area, and I am very excited to be a part of the process anyway I can.  

I do realize that things can change in an instant, and I am more than willing to be flexible.  I'm just excited to get out there and help in anyway I can. 

Wish me luck in my last months in the States!