Monday, February 23, 2009

This is Allison, standingby the little creek that leaves the waterfall. Although you can't see the waterfall in this picture this is at Palauli waterfall in Supy's village. The color of the water is amazing.

Okay this is a picture of my house in Sailmu, the windows to the left are the windows to my room. It's beautiful, hot, but beautiful.

So I'm in Apia right now, supposedly picking up the check for our community garden project, however things being often misunderstood around here, we were actually just coming in to sign the paperwork to receive the 5,000 tala. That's alright, although now I'm back in Apia, where I really didn't want to be again until St. Paddy's Day. Oh well, back to the village tomorrow.

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M.N.Muench said...

So Briony what exactly is it you are tying to do in the village? Any problems with reef destruction or over fishing? The faifaiva still thinking turtles eat their young?

Nice house, really great you got a good place to live. Beats a thatched roof fale....don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

I wish you all the best as a Peace Corps. Enjoy it. Bluest water and sky in the world! Walk home by the milky Way lamp! Don't let 'em get you down. (In the village or at the PC office.) Take care of your health. Take plenty of electrolytes and antioxidants,use peroxide on everything, and always hang tough. Weakness doesn't pay the bills in the village.

Fai Malosi,