Friday, March 27, 2009

Okay there was a request for some pictures from my site, sorry that these are the only ones I have at the moment, but I'll get some of my house and my family up here soon too. Above is the vaita'ele in my village, or the pools where people wash clothes and themselves. One great thing that has come out of my seminars is the banning of using bleach and detergent in these pools, as it goes straight into our marine protected area.

Below is our auala galue, or work road that goes through our village and up to the plantations. As you can see its not in the best shape and we're trying to change that as soon as we can get support from the government.

This is our field below, where we play rugby and volleyball and all that sort of stuff. I spend a lot of time with the women every week stabbing the ground with large knives and picking the grass out of the sand. It's an interesting part of our mondays. obviously below was before monday.

This is our fale komiti, or community fale, which is why we need a new one. You can find me here often lying on a fala (coconut leaf mat) napping in the wind. It's much cooler down there.

This is a view from the fale komiti and you can see the extent of our village along the water. It's a small place, but it is gorgeous.

At the moment unfortunately I'm under the weather with some sory of parasite, but that's why Teuila tells us not to drink the water. I'll be fine though, all part of living here. We have received our grant for the 12 sewing machines for our women's commitee. Unfortunately my counterparts mother passed away this past week, so it true Samoan fashion, there are lots of people and things happening in our village to prepare and also hold the funeral. Lots of people visiting from America, New Zealand and Australia. Another women in our aualuma lost her mother three days later, so we've been helping with that as well. My seminars have been put on hold due to the loss of these two women. The village is all working together to get them through it.