Wednesday, May 13, 2009

As requested here are a few picture of my house, or well not my house, but the house that I live in. As you can tell it is very colorful and, usually very full. At one time there are about ten people sleeping in the house. I do have my own room though, so I get some privacy, but it can be very hard.

Here is a picture of our kitchen

This is our shower, yes I do have running water, which many people here do not, so I'm very lucky. There's no hot water, but you get used to it, especially when its so hot outisde all the time. A cold shower feels pretty good. Actually if you get the first shower of the night, the water can be warm because its been heated in the pipes all day. That can be nice, however I'm rarely the first one there. This is also where I do my laundry, which is what you can see here in the picture.
This is the living room ,where most of the people in the house sleep. I'm taking this picture from the doorway to my room.

This is another picture from the doorway of my room.

And here is a picture of my room itself.

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