Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Here are some pitcure taken in our fale behind our house, where all of the cooking is done. In this sequence Palepa and Kilali and making koko samoa, which as you can guess is the cocoa here. Just a little insight into the daily stuff that people do here in the South Pacific.

Here Kilali is crushing the koko beans, to make the paste, this is done obviously after all the roasting is done.

Her Palepa is holding a bowl of semi-roasted koko beans, they have to separate the fully roasted for the semi-roasted to make sure all the beans are done.
Kilali and Palepa are both separating the beans in this picture
This is how they roast the beans.

And here's a picture of my host brother Happy in the background drinking some of the already completed koko Samoa.

I drink a lot of koko here. At the moment its koko season, so it's everywhere. It has a lot of caffinee though, so one cup is pretty much it for me, and drinking it before bed is out of the question.

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